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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Proud Mama

I had a parent teacher interview with Miss T's SK teacher today.  All I have to say is colour me proud and glowing.  I can't stop grinning about what Mrs S. had to report about T's school work and behaviour as well as her growth inter personally and academically since last year.  T didn't lose anything over the summer... in spite of the fact that we totally let the ball drop and didn't do a single thing with her over the summer break.  T is already through the SK curriculum and is doing additional work in both mathematics and creative writing.  Both of which she comes by honestly.  Her father is the mathe-magician and writer but I too have been known to pen a tale or two. 
Not only is T excelling but her teacher has for the first time in her career put forth an application for an enrichment program to be set up through the school board.  Mrs. S was reviewing the info for grade 1 applications for enrichment programing and immediately thought of my girl and has talked with one of the primary enrichment coordinators to see if they can get permission to work with T in an enrichment capacity.  I knew this would happen and I was at one point thinking about trying to get her promoted to grade 1 this year but everyone talked me out of it in order to keep her with her peer group... well had she been moved with the students she was in a split class with last year then she would have been with her peers still.  That and the fact that she's one of the oldest in her class she could have made the move relatively seamlessly if you ask me.  But that ship has sailed.
Mrs S has strongly recommend that we apply to have T put into the french immersion program next year in order to 'challenge' her a little more.  Although Mrs S believes that T will just excel regardless of the language she is learning in because she grasps things so quickly and knows how to use them properly.  I have been saying all along that I want T in french immersion but B wasn't convinced.  He's afraid that we won't be able to help her if she learns in french and we can't read the directions for her homework and assignments.  Well who knows maybe I'll go take some courses at the local college and regain my own french skills at the same time so T and I can learn together and communicate in french together.  I was fluent about 20 years ago so I should be able to pick it up again pretty easily... in relative terms that is compared to other people with no french background.
One of her and daddy's creations...  Her imagination is so huge!  She is constantly creating.  I love it!

Well enough glowing from me.  I can get the grin off my face when thinking about just how proud I am of my little girl.  I have tried in many ways to tell her just how happy I am with her and how she is doing in school.  I have also tried to help her be proud of herself.  That one I think will take some work though... another parenting challenge I have yet to conquer - teaching my child how to believe in herself and b proud of herself without letting others bring her down or make her feel inferior about being who she is.  Because she is a wonderful, loving, compassionate, empathetic, kind person and she always has been.

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  1. Way to go T! Wonderful that the school is looking to enrich her experience in the program.

    As for the concern with French, most French Immersion programs are geared for non-French speaking households. The aim is to have the vast majority of communications come home in English and kids are supposed to be able to do most of their homework without their parents helping a lot with the language issues.