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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June oh June where did you go?

She says as she sits at the computer thinking about what to do with her kids this summer. And realizes that she hasn't written a blog all month! AGAIN!!
My big girl just finished her first year of 'big girl school' and boy oh boy did she make her mama proud. Well of course she did! Its MY child! In spite of last weeks bout with pneumonia she managed to feel well enough to attend her final 2 days of Junior Kindergarten... Imagine that missing the last full week of school! She was a sick wee thing - again! But now I need to get my act together and plan out some stuff to do so my kiddies don't drive me nutty!

First thing is first - July 1st long weekend. Here in Canada its Canada Day on Thursday. SO we're off to Auntie Michelle's house to take part in the Walkerton, ON festivities for the day. We're going to hang with Breanna and Michelle and maybe even head over to the beach in Kincardine for an afternoon or 2... depending on the weather. Gee I really should take a look at that so I know what to pack for the girls.
We still have our play group at the Early Years Centre to attend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays through until the last week of August... so that takes care of most mornings. One week is full day - day camp for T and half day - day camp for MJ so that week mama V gets a bit of a break. AND our family vacation in Kincardine for a week later in the summer.
I'm thinking some Thursdays at the St Jacob's Farmers Market with friends or on our own and other Thursdays at the YMCA to take advantage of some 'free' children's programming! Yeah Y membership. Fridays will mostly be spent hanging out with granddaddy and having sausages for lunch {a big deal for my girls - they LOVE sausages!!} After lunch there is lots of time for fishing or goofing off in the river in his back yard!
The weekends are reserved mostly for family time. A golf tournament here or extended family anniversary/function there but mostly for just us - The Moffats together. I think days of relaxing and maybe some day trips will fall in somewhere but we'll play that by ear.
I'll keep everyone posted on the happenings of the summer as it goes by.
We're also nearly through our application to Foster/Adopt!!! EEK! We have a meeting to sign off on reports Monday then we'll be meeting our social worker and setting some goals etc for our getting going with the fostering thing. We get our manual Monday so I guess that's our summer reading!!! The thing makes War and Peace seem short!! When we sign off on the papers we're going to finish getting the spare bedroom ready for action and we'll be waiting to see what happens next. Keep you posted there too!
I've also embarked on a new weight loss journey... wish me luck. I started at 198lbs am down already! YA ME! I'll be blogging on that journey separately.
My Norwex business is taking off in style! I can't wait to give away a bunch of free mops in July and August! Gotta love that mop! to check it out... send me a note if you want more info!
OK so wish me luck at getting through my first 'summer break' with the kids. Bet T will be looking to get back to class within a week! I may even want her back to class within a week.... na I like my kids most of the time and hope we have a great summer full of memories.