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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whirl Wind of Emotion

Well this past few days has been something. On Thursday Talia got really sick, really fast and we still have no idea why!! She started with a headache and low grade fever and within hours she had a high fever even with medication and she had stopped eating and drinking. So after a
call to her doctor's office off to the hospital we went.

We were seen very quickly because of her symptoms and the doctors started throwing around things like meningitis and sepsis along with treatments like spinal taps! AH!! Mommy went into hyper-vigilant mama mode. Needless to say she was admitted and put on and IV drip pretty quickly. The paediatrician who saw her quickly ruled out meningitis but had no idea why she had gotten SO sick. They had taken lots of blood and urine and all that jazz for testing but all of those tests take time - upward of 48 hrs.

On Friday morning her paediatrician came by and said that he didn't know anything yet but that she had been a pretty sick little girl and she'd be in the hospital for a couple of days. Ok I have to admit that when I took her into Emerg I seriously thought they'd give me a prescription and tell me I was over reacting. So being told that my child was going to be in hospital, on and IV drip with IV antibiotics was a bit disconcerting.

The good news was that Talia had bounced back VERY quickly once she was being re-hydrated and after her first dose of antibiotics. In fact she got so good that she was driving her father and I nuts by the end of the day Friday. She wanted to go home, then she wanted to play, then a story, then play, then eat, then pee, then play, then... well you get the point. Her doctor was pleased with that but we still had no idea why she had been sick.

Saturday morning we were told that she had something growing in her blood culture. Which could mean a serious bacterial infection. So the words sepsis and severe came back to the forefront. AHH! Well we tried not to panic (outwardly) but we really wanted to know what was going on. She was to stay another night and hopefully the tests would reveal what kind of bacteria was growing. Once that was done they'd know exactly what kind of medication she needed and what, if any, long term consequences would be for our girl.

Brian stepped up and took the hospital shift so I could spend time at home with Miranda and hopefully get some rest. Well I spent time with Miranda. Rest was far from enough. The poor guy didn't know what he'd gotten himself into though. Between Talia being super hyper and the nurse visits overnight, he didn't get much rest. And those cots at the hospital are enough to put most people in need of a serious massage or more.

Ok this morning Miranda and I got up and made our way up to the hospital so we could see the doctor when he did his rounds. We had little hope of Talia coming home but we needed some answers. Talia and Brian were at the hospital waiting for us (and the coffee I was bringing) and quite quickly Talia and Miranda were back to their usual bickering and fighting and riping toys away from each other. Finally the doctor on call came in and basically said the tests were negative and here's a prescription. So I looked at him and asked if that meant Talia could go home... Yes!

So here we are tonight, at home. All of us. But we still have no idea why Talia got SO sick. We have to see her doctor later in the week and I'm really hoping that he will have some kind of answer for us so we know why the hell she was as sick as she was. It was pretty scary for all of us. I hope we never have to go through that again.