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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Official

Well it is finally official! Brian and I are registered Foster Parents with the Region of Waterloo!! Wow! We started investigating last September and started the process in January and here I sit an official Foster Parent! Well this could change things just a wee little bit.
We have no idea when we might get a child placed within our home but we are ready - well nearly. The toddler bed is in place and the room has had our girls toys evacuated. The dresser is at the bottom of the basement stairs still since Brian's back is sore and I can't carry it up the stairs on my own and the crib remains in the garage but could be assembled in less than 2 hours if needed. We are working on getting together age appropriate clothes for both genders and toys that are more 'boyish' because although our girls have toys that are gender neutral we don't have any backhoes or the like for wee lads to play with if they wanted too. But there are lots of cars and Little People and the like in the meantime.
We're really nervous about having another child in the house but we're ready for the adventure all at the same time. We've requested children under the age of 3 of either gender. So with our 2 girls and another in the house we'll have our hands full for sure. T is old enough to help out a bit but MJ will be a little jealous I'm sure at first. We could get a child within the next 3 days but it may not be for the next 3 months. It all depends on the need within the region and it fluctuates and is absolutely unpredictable so here we are living on the edge... I don't deal well with uncertainty but in this case I'll have to deal with it until we have our first placement and learn the ropes so to speak.
I'll keep you posted on the Moffat household dramas as they unfold but until then - ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!