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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wow Madness!

So here it is and its nearly JUNE!! How on earth did that happen?? Well lets see. Lots of busy times with school and running around for various endeavours for the kids. My new Norwex business. Our application to become Foster Parents going forward. The kids being sick. The hubby getting betterbeing busya t work and goodness knows what else.

So yes there has been a lot going on in the Moffat household to say the least.

Where to start? Well I am happy to report that Brian, despite his best efforts at not doing what the doctors told him to do, has made what appears to be a full recovery from his illness in March. He was never really told exactly what it was besides an infection/illness of some sort involving his liver. That would explain why he turned yellow and got really, really sleepy. He was like a new born baby with jaundice... sleeping 18-20 hours a day... but now he's back to sleeping 6 hours a night or less so normal it is.

Talia is nearly finished her Junior Kindergarten year at school. She is doing incredibly well and only driving her father and I semi nutty asking us to quiz her on her multiplication tables - yes folks she is fascinated with multiplication. She is currently working on her 3 & 4 times tables. OK I know she's only 5 and still should be just having fun but she WANTS to do these things. Trouble is she does get bored sometimes at school. But what do I expect with Brian as her father?? The really good news?? Now Miranda is starting to show signs of heading in the same academic direction as Talia. I'm going to be 'out brained' by them all!

Talia also just had her first soccer game of the season. YAY! She's been bugging us all winter to play soccer but what does she say when we get home and I ask her if she had fun? "NO!" What the heck??? OK she clarified that later saying it was because she hadn't scored a goal.

The good news is that all the kids look like they're on the mend from various winter and spring illnesses. Talia still has a bad cough - but it not pneumonia. MJ still has a cold with cough and runny nose but compared to what they've been dealing with they're doing much better.

Norwex. What is Norwex?? Well its a home based business (much like a Tupperware type of business) where we sell household cleaning products and supplies. It may not sound very exciting but that's where you'd be wrong. So far I'm loving it! I get to meet people outside of my children's friends parents. I have nights out to myself with grown up conversations. I am selling a product that I truly believe in! Can't get much better than that. If you want to find out more let me know and I can answer any questions. You can also check out the company website (I don't have my own yet) at then if you want a product you can order it from me without having a party and I will ship it to you! So far I love everything I've tried. AND I'm saving so much time on cleaning its not even a real chore anymore!

Foster Parenting - yes that's right. We're looking to open our home to families in need of help with their children. No we're not crazy. A few years back I heard an ad on the radio for Family & Children's Services about kids not having homes for Christmas. I came home that night and told Brian that one day we were going to Foster a child so they would know where they were spending Christmas. So here we are nearly 4 years later and nearly finished the application process to become Foster Parents! Yeah us! Talia is excited and Miranda - well lets just say she doesn't quite get it yet. We're hoping to have a child by July or Septemeber at the latest. We've asked for children younger than our own and there are lots of other parents willing to help with that age group so it might be a while before we have a child placed with us - then again it might not be very long at all. I'll keep you posted on that one.

So yes things have been a little busy for us Moffats of Cambridge. But hey - that's how we like apparently because we keep adding to the busy-ness all of the time and we don't seem to know how to slow down. This summer should be interesting to say the least.