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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week One On-Call

Here we are into our first week as After Hours On Call Foster Parents... and what does that mean?  Well from 430pm through 830am Monday through Friday and 430 Friday through 830am Monday if a child in our age range comes into care we get a call and have to house that child.  For how long?  We don't have a clue.  Nothing like adding a little instability to the house now is there?
After our first night on call the girls woke up wondering where the new baby was?  I had to explain to them that just because we're on call doesn't mean we will have a child placed with us right away... both went away saddened as they REALLY want to help mommy look after a small child.  Or so they say.  When the day finally comes and there is a new child in te house how will they really feel?  That's the question.
How do I feel about it?  Well I'm rather mixed up about the whole thing.  I really want to help.  But I also know that Brian will be away for 2 weeks in September and I really don't want to have a fussy baby on my hands without him around.  We have let them know that we only want to be on call till the 4th but if we get a child and they ask us to look after it longer term than just intake what will we say?  Guess we'll figure that one out when it happens.
So while we wait for a new addition to the house we are also readying to bring in some new pets to the hose.  Fish!  After having fish for several years and them all dying we took a break for a year or so and now the girls are like dogs with bones and just won't let it go... guess if we don't have a baby in the house for them to help with they want their own fish.  Both tanks are now in place and the larger one has the filter running (however not filtering as we need to buy some refills for it) and the bubble wand is bubbling.  The girls are going to drive us nutty for sure until we get fish in the tanks.  But they're going to have to wait a few days/weeks until we know the big tank is healthy.  We'll be getting some betas and a small tank for MJ sooner but the big tank will just sit bubbling and filtering (once I buy those filters) away.
Now we have the baby room and the fish tanks ready to fill.  Which will come first? 
I'll keep you posted.