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Thursday, October 28, 2010

On a Sweeter Note

Well the next time I decide to decorate cup cakes with black and orange someone needs to give me a kick!  The cupcakes are for T's SK class party for Halloween.  Since she can't eat most of what is sent by the other families I feel compelled to send her with something she can eat.  Only this year I went a little over board.  A cupcake for each student and the teacher and EAs...   Being that its for Halloween I of course had to make them seasonally appropriate - thus the black and orange!
But I admit that I love baking and making special things for my little family.  The fact that I am able to make such lovely looking and tasting treats for my family is truly something for which I am glad .  My waistline is not so glad but that is another blog all on its own.
So here's hoping my girls and T's class mates enjoy the cupcakes.  I've had one already and besides the sugar buzz, it was tasty.  I am very glad to have found the Gluten Free white cake mix at our local bulk food store (where they take care to avoid cross contamination - I have yet to have had problems with anything from there and I've been purchasing their open bin GF stuff for  over 2 years now).
MMMMMMMM cupcakes!  BOO!

on chosing a life partner

Its the 28th of October and I let me kids dress up for the last day of preschool before Halloween... they are so gorgeous if I do say so myself. 
T is a Snow Princess and MJ a Lady Bug.  But what's really funny about this is that MJ wants to be a Puppy and T says that this is her wedding dress.  I just need to get her a 'vase' - aka veil.  When we first bought the costumes back in early September they we thrilled and couldn't wait for Halloween.  But like I said now MJ doesn't want to be a bug.  Right from the start T said this would be here wedding dress and was wondering when we were going to her boyfriend's house so they could get married!!  I told his mom about it and we both had a good giggle. 
T has been saying for nearly 2 years that she was going to marry this poor little fella... I keep reminding her that she has many years to make such an important decision.  Then I ask her why she wants to marry S.  Her answers are always striking.  She goes through a list of his best qualities, which are pretty impressive for a life partner.  She says among other things that he's thoughtful, caring, strong so he can protect her from dangers, he's smart, cute and fun to be around.  Not a bad list and I really hope she keeps this in mind as she gets older and the search for a life partner begins for real. 
I have to admit that I'm a little torn when she starts talking about this.  I'm glad that she thinks S is a kind, generous, nice young boy who could be her partner.  But I'm worried about the fact that she's planning her wedding and she's only 5!  Not to mention that she's been planning this for nearly 2 years now!  I remember 'marrying' boys and all that at her age but did I come across as serious as she does?  I don't think my parents ever really knew about my play marriages.  I talk to her about how long it will be until she can really get married and how things change and how she may not even be friends with S anymore when its time for her to get married.  Her reaction - she's marrying S!  No ifs, ands, or buts!   Am I over reacting??  I don't really know.  I guess I just have to keep reminding her that things change and when it really comes time to settle down for her, whatever choices she makes are hers and not mine.  I hope she takes some chances and meets lots of new people male and female and learns that love and friendship change and changes are part of life.  Right now she doesn't like change at all.
(T is very upset that one of our local restaurants which we frequent is building a new building right next to the current structure and the current building will be torn down.  Heaven forbid her favourite restaurant change!  The current building is old and worn out.  The floor tiles are chipping the wall paper peeling and paint chipping too.  There is definitely room for improvement and a new building is good too since it will be larger and be able to accommodate more families comfortably.)
On a similar but different note.  What is with girls swearing that they'll be best friends forever and then 'breaking up' with each other????  T's teacher has actually had to talk with her and her BFF K about just being friends and being friends with all of their class mates not only each other.  That playing with lots of people is more important than playing with only each other.  I've been stressing this too but a 5 year old who has a friend who calls her BFF just doesn't get why they shouldn't be BFFs.  Sure it seems cute and harmless but really it can be limiting especially when they tell others that they can't play unless its with their BFF.  Am I wrong?  I don't know.
Then there is wee little 3 year old MJ.  Apparently she wants to marry a girl.  Guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Not that I haven't talked to her about it a little bit.  I've told that she can love whoever she likes boy or girl but that not everyone wants to be with people that are the same gender.  I've mentioned that most girls marry boys but if she chooses to marry a girl then so be it.  (Her big sis then interjects that "NO Girls Marry Boys!")  I've been told by the caregivers at her preschool group that she and one of the other little girls were hugging and kissing about 6 months ago but I didn't make anything of it - why would I?  T was hugging and kissing boys and girls at the same age.  No biggie.  But now that little girl in particular is the one MJ has said she thinks she wants to marry.  But the saving grace is that she more often says to me that she is troubled because she doesn't know who she wants to marry.  I tell MJ that it is quite normal to not know who you want to marry at her age and that she has many, many years to make such an important decision.  Then we discuss the qualities a person who we chose to marry should have.  Which starts with the ones her sister says S has.
So on love, life and the pursuit of happiness???  I hope my children take their time getting their life partner.  I took my time.  Met lots of other potentials.  But came back to My One and Only... it only took us 18 years to realize that he truly was my one and only.  Hmmm we met in 4th grade.  How is that different from T & S?  Only a few years.  I guess anything is possible!

Friday, October 22, 2010

So much for good intentions

Well here we sit and its nearing the end of October!  Wow I've not been staying on top of things.  Granted there have been a few different reasons/excuses for my negligence. 
After my last blog we were on call for 2 weeks with Family & Children's Services but didn't actually get a placement.  Then a week or 2 later we thought we were getting a placement but it fell through for some reason or other.  Now here we are just about at the end of October and we still don't have a placement.  BUT we're on call again.
The last 2 months have been full of back to school.  Business trips for B.  A sick cat requiring far too much money but worth every penny. And a sick me.  T started SK with the same teacher as last year so it made the adjustment period non-existent thank goodness.  She's motoring along doing a fantastic job at everything she does.  M can't wait to start JK next year.  On the other hand T doesn't want to go to grade 1 because she doesn't want to be away from mommy all day!  Isn't that sweet!
B was away for a couple of weeks during September so I was single parenting for a bit.  The girls and I did ok but we missed daddy especially when our big orange cat, let's call him F, got really sick.  I called my dad at 9pm and he and V came over to look at F.  Well the word was get him to the emergency clinic asap he probably won't make it through the  night.  Oh Crap!  Was all I said.  So I called a friend to come stay with the girls, thanks E, and off I went to the veterinary emergency clinic.
Let's just say that $3800 and 2 weeks later we had a happy, healthy kitty at home again.  Say good bye to the bathroom renovations and any possible thought at Vegas in November...  But F is worth it.  That and just seeing the girls eyes light up when we brought him home and they got to cuddle with him.  All I have to say is he'd better live at least 10 more years to make that kind of money worth it!  So of course now the big joke is that "when daddy's away, mommy will pay".  But just so you know B was home and made the decision to spend part of that money too.  It wasn't all me.
Then of course F gets better and I get sick.  Lets just leave it at I'm still not better but I really hope to never experience the same pain as I did during the first 24 ours of this whole mess.  I've be bouncing around between doctors and dentists and my naturopath and still no resolution but at least things are changing and hopefully a resolution will be found shortly.
So now we're off to get T from school and lay low for the rest of the afternoon.  Lets hope there'e some good mommy cuddle time in there somewhere.