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Friday, October 22, 2010

So much for good intentions

Well here we sit and its nearing the end of October!  Wow I've not been staying on top of things.  Granted there have been a few different reasons/excuses for my negligence. 
After my last blog we were on call for 2 weeks with Family & Children's Services but didn't actually get a placement.  Then a week or 2 later we thought we were getting a placement but it fell through for some reason or other.  Now here we are just about at the end of October and we still don't have a placement.  BUT we're on call again.
The last 2 months have been full of back to school.  Business trips for B.  A sick cat requiring far too much money but worth every penny. And a sick me.  T started SK with the same teacher as last year so it made the adjustment period non-existent thank goodness.  She's motoring along doing a fantastic job at everything she does.  M can't wait to start JK next year.  On the other hand T doesn't want to go to grade 1 because she doesn't want to be away from mommy all day!  Isn't that sweet!
B was away for a couple of weeks during September so I was single parenting for a bit.  The girls and I did ok but we missed daddy especially when our big orange cat, let's call him F, got really sick.  I called my dad at 9pm and he and V came over to look at F.  Well the word was get him to the emergency clinic asap he probably won't make it through the  night.  Oh Crap!  Was all I said.  So I called a friend to come stay with the girls, thanks E, and off I went to the veterinary emergency clinic.
Let's just say that $3800 and 2 weeks later we had a happy, healthy kitty at home again.  Say good bye to the bathroom renovations and any possible thought at Vegas in November...  But F is worth it.  That and just seeing the girls eyes light up when we brought him home and they got to cuddle with him.  All I have to say is he'd better live at least 10 more years to make that kind of money worth it!  So of course now the big joke is that "when daddy's away, mommy will pay".  But just so you know B was home and made the decision to spend part of that money too.  It wasn't all me.
Then of course F gets better and I get sick.  Lets just leave it at I'm still not better but I really hope to never experience the same pain as I did during the first 24 ours of this whole mess.  I've be bouncing around between doctors and dentists and my naturopath and still no resolution but at least things are changing and hopefully a resolution will be found shortly.
So now we're off to get T from school and lay low for the rest of the afternoon.  Lets hope there'e some good mommy cuddle time in there somewhere.

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