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Thursday, October 28, 2010

On a Sweeter Note

Well the next time I decide to decorate cup cakes with black and orange someone needs to give me a kick!  The cupcakes are for T's SK class party for Halloween.  Since she can't eat most of what is sent by the other families I feel compelled to send her with something she can eat.  Only this year I went a little over board.  A cupcake for each student and the teacher and EAs...   Being that its for Halloween I of course had to make them seasonally appropriate - thus the black and orange!
But I admit that I love baking and making special things for my little family.  The fact that I am able to make such lovely looking and tasting treats for my family is truly something for which I am glad .  My waistline is not so glad but that is another blog all on its own.
So here's hoping my girls and T's class mates enjoy the cupcakes.  I've had one already and besides the sugar buzz, it was tasty.  I am very glad to have found the Gluten Free white cake mix at our local bulk food store (where they take care to avoid cross contamination - I have yet to have had problems with anything from there and I've been purchasing their open bin GF stuff for  over 2 years now).
MMMMMMMM cupcakes!  BOO!

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