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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween is over. Now on to Christmas!

Last night was a nice cold, windy night that reminded me of Halloweens during my own childhood.  I grew up out in the 'boonies' on a farm in the country and had to go into 'town' for trick or treating...  Town had a total population of 185 people!  Or was it 85??  I can never remember.  But what I do remember is going to my aunt and uncle's house for supper and smelling the hot candy as my aunt prepared her home made candy apples to hand out to every child in town!  They also handed out home made popcorn balls.  EVERYONE always went to their house to get the goodies.  But long gone are the days of giving or receiving home made goodies for Halloween trick or treat goodies. 
Really are people THAT evil?  I like to think that the mass populace are kind and thoughtful people. Aren't we always told that humans by nature are good? Maybe we just use the urban myths as excuses to save time or money by purchasing mass marketed treats to hand out.  Or maybe its the mass marketers who have propagated the urban myths to the point of fear mongering and causing us to buy their goodies instead of making our own.  Whatever the reason I think its sad that my children will never go to Mrs. Baker's down the street because she gives out HOME MADE treats.
That said my kids had a good evening.  We had Gramma L come and go out with us while daddy stayed home to hand out the goodies (store bought of course but NOT candy - we do playdough.... which my hubby thinks is quite humorous since we're a Celiac family).  The girls hit about 100 houses and we were out for just over 1 hour.  Not bad for a 3 & 5 year old.  The wind was cold though on our street.... but I think ours is the windiest street in the entire city!  Once we got onto the side streets the wind wasn't so bad so they wanted to keep going as they were warming up again.  The amount of candy we brought home is quite possibly obscene - but I bet some people would say we didn't get that much.  B and I already pilfered a bunch for ourselves and today I am trying SO hard to not eat every goodie in sight.  So far I have only had 2 mini O'Henry bars and 1 carmel square.  But alas I know there will be 1 or 2 more treats in my tummy before the night is through.
My girls were cute as buttons and the haul was plentiful so I'd say we had a good night.  They're sitting around this evening sorting through everything and categorizing it according to 'food groups' as they called them.  The gum, the chocolate, the hard candy, the chewy candy etc... at least its not just 'the ones we like' and the 'ones we don't like'.  So they're learning something too.... at least that's my theory.  BUT I'm having troubles getting them to eat their supper.  There's no candy until their plates are cleared of the healthy food first.  T is going along with it but MJ keeps saying 'I'm hungry".  So I respond "eat your supper".  To which she says "I'm not hungry for THAT!"... and the game continues.
My plan is to keep the goodies for 1 week then whatever is left will be tossed.  Does that seem harsh?  Na I know some parents that get rid of it the very day after Halloween....  Wait, I can't imagine tossing the candy today - I haven't had MY fill yet!
Well with All Hallows Eve gone and All Saints Day nearly over... On to CHRISTMAS!  I can't wait.

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  1. My dad, as the baker in town, gave out fresh made donuts every Hallowe'en. Over 200 kids in Paris would come by foot or car to get Avey's Bakery donuts on Hallowe'en. I used to love the home-made carmel popcorn balls the best! Sad our kids can't experience that...