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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baby A Week 1

Well we have survived week 1 with our newest addition Baby A.  She is wonderful.  She sleeps through the night from 630p.m. through to 715a.m.!!  She smiles and is happy.  She eats - sometimes what I serve her.  She is now snuggling with me and falling asleep in my arms (she wouldn't even really cuddle at first).  She lets me carry her around in my sling facing in when she's tired and out when she wants to see the world.  Her babbles bring a smile to every one's face no matter how crappy the rest of the day has been.
We have had social workers in and out and on the phone nonstop!  Today I had 2 different workers in my home and about 17 phone calls!  Yes seriously.  All while trying to get my own girls looked after and myself to the doctors and pharmacy.  THANK GOD Aunt Michelle was here.  (Hugs Mich I couldn't have done it without you today!)
Brian is out of town and has been since Monday evening but Michelle and her little girl Bre me down to lend a hand.  Thank goodness they were here this week.  I may have lost it otherwise or a child may have been lost in the shuffle.  Like I said today Michelle was a great help but yesterday she walked T to school and took the other 2 girls with her while I had a meeting with yet another social worker and Baby A.  I am also very thankful that Baby A sleeps so well or I wouldn't have made it without my night time team mate to pinch hit at 3a.m. had I needed him.
Now back to Baby A.  Like I said she's a doll.  But the way her visitation is working out is going to drive me crazy.... unless we can work out a better schedule.  Mom has been granted 3 visits per week of 3 hours each.  Which is great for mom and baby time.  BUT any 3 hour stretch runs over naps, meals or my kids schedules.  We need to do some major finagling to get Baby A TO see her mom and then back again and then trying to catch up on missed meals (mom claims she wouldn't eat because she doesn't like the food - funny how she eats it for me) or missed naps (baby won't sleep anywhere but in a darkened room in a crib according to mom - funny how she'll fall asleep in my arms).  So needless to say after visits there is a period of crankiness and tears.  But we just plug onward and hope Baby A gets over it quickly knowing she's back here and on schedule again.  Today was particularly bad and by the time she came home Michelle had to leave and I was left to my own devices.  But we managed somehow.  In between phone calls and social worker visits (again) we got through to supper and bath and bedtime.
My girls are really great too.  MJ sings Baby A a song every night at bed - unless she's in the tub at the time.  T and MJ help feed her and give her bottles.  They like playing with her most of the time too.  Like any siblings though they have their moments.  MJ is the worst for having moments.  She had already been having some behavioural issues and now they've been amplified but her out burst were limited pretty much to 24 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday evening.  Lets just say I'm glad the door has no holes in it and that Baby A is SUCH a great sleeper.  I think Michelle was completely shocked at seeing THAT side of MJ.  But hopefully in time all the initial anxiety of having a new addition will pass and we'll just have to deal with basic sibling rivalry.  That I can handle.
Well week 1 is over and no court date till Dec 17 so now we just go about our lives and work in visits and the rest of the 'stuff' that we need to do to help Baby A have the best opportunity she possibly can.
I'll keep you posted.

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