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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update on Brian

Well we still don't know why my husband was so ill. We do know that his liver function was WAY out of the normal range and that it is still outside of normal functioning range but that he is no longer yellow and can now function like a mostly normal human being... being that he's never been a 'normal' human being that's about 90% healthy again.
I ended up taking him to see my Naturopath and Brian had 2 intravenous therapy treatments with high levels of vitamins and minerals as well as I.V. fluids pumped right into his veins. Each time he had that done I noticed a major difference within 24 hours. I think it really helped. Thank goodness for mt N.D.
After finding out that he didn't have Hepatitis A, B, or C his doctor tested him for various strains of Mono... all negative. So here we sit with him feeling mostly better and still no answers. Its frustrating to not know why he was sick but at least he's mostly mended. However, should his liver function levels not return to normal quickly we'll have to do some more investigating. There's no way I want him to be THAT sick again anytime soon. Which if his levels remain high is a possibility. Here's hoping his tests show normal liver function in 2 weeks time.
Just thought I'd post the update for those interested. Fingers crossed that the next tests will all be normal or as close to it as Brian can be, in 2 weeks.

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