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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Gifts from the kids

So my girls and I just spent a fun filled morning making Christmas gifts for the family. Along with Christmas baking and a fab cleaning tool everyone is getting a home made gift from each of the girls.

I knew I wanted to get the girls to make something for everyone but back in November I had NO idea what on earth to do. Then I went to Michael's and found a few different solutions. Everyone knows the little foam cut outs that are everywhere for kids crafts? Well I found those that suited my purposed perfectly. They had an abundance of kits and so on that I felt I could adapt to suit my needs. I wanted to incorporate the girls picture into the craft. I found a wreath kit which suited that purpose perfectly. I also wanted to have something they could just put together on their own without too much parental influence. So I bought trees and various decorations. The beauty of each of these things is that they were stickers and NOT glue crafts. So I had to peel the stickers for the little one - no biggie when it saved a huge mess with glue. My kids LOVE glue on their crafts, fingers, clothes, table, faces and in their hair in particular. So glue is best to avoid.

They turned out really well and the girls had fun wasting an hour and a half while we let daddy sleep in.

Christmas gifts are almost done! Yeah me! Only some more baking and a few stocking stuffer type things for me to get and I'm DONE!

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